2016/09/08 Write interesting articles and have them read by nobody

I think I might have written not so boring an article today.  It was titled, "We have no choice but to express emotions and make others feel them."

Though it seems to me to be intriguing enough to be read widely, there appears no sign to that effect.  That led me to search for solutions to invite more readers. Thanks to Hatena's popularity, I found a great number of articles about them. The advice they gave me was, for example, introducing GA to your diary, conducting SEO campaigns and so on.  But I couldn't, nor can I now, bring myself to do it. I can't afford to.  There is no time for me. So, all I can do is to write more and wait for others to find me interesting. 



私は私が今日の記事を退屈されない書かれているかもしれないと思います。それは、 「私たちは感情を表現し、他の人がそれらを感じるようにするしかない。 」 、と題しました