2016/09/10 The difficulty of making speech

One of my friends held an event where five speakers, composed of ordinary people, took turns in delivering speech.  Each of them talked about what they came to believe in the course of their lives.  For example, a saxophonist talked about the instrument and  how she became a professional player.

To tell the truth, I hate this event.  This is because to attend it, you have to pay some amount of money. Earning money by speech is not that easy. It goes without saying that you can't get money by speaking  what you want to talk. But this event allows you to do so.  

I hope the speakers learned the difficulty of delivering speech from the embarrassment they hopefully felt when they were giving their no interesting talk.


Google 翻訳による和訳

私の友人の一人は、 5スピーカーは、普通の人で構成される、演説をでターンを取ったイベントを開催しました。それらのそれぞれが、彼らは自分たちの生活のコースを信じるようになったかについて話しました。例えば、サックス奏者が楽器の話を、どのように彼女はプロ選手になりました。