2016/09/16 To get immersed in English

Do you know the meaning of the word "walkthrough," especially when it is used on Youtube?

It refers to those videos which are recorded as a Youtuber plays a certain game.  They tell you about TV games you want to play but which you can't or  let you know the game is worth buying and playing.

Until recently I had been watching walkthroughs of a Japanese team of Youtubers, called 2bro.  They are very nice guys and the way they play and talk to the viewers helps you change your mood and sometimes makes you laugh.

But in order to get immersed in English and read English papers as fast as I read Japanese ones, I have given up watching their walkthroughs. Instead, I subscribed to a channel of a native speaker of English, who is named vash12349.  He seems nice, too and his voice sounds cool.  



あなたが単語の意味を知っている「ウォークスルー」とは、 Youtubeで使用されている場合は特に? これは、 YouTubeユーザーが特定のゲームを果たしているとして記録され、それらの動画を指します。彼らはあなたがゲームを購入する価値と演奏で知らせていないか、またはすることができますが、どれを再生したいが、テレビゲームをご紹介します。