2016/09/17 What is "self help?"

A couple of years ago, when I was working for an IT corporation, there was a man who was always bragging about how many self-help books he had read. What was worse, he would often try to persuade others to live as he had learned to from those books. 

 One day, as was always with him, he was talking about the ideal way of working as a businessperson, when one of the audience cut in and said, "By the way, what is self help?" No wonder the question kept him from speaking any further.

 But that incident gave me food for thought. What is really self help? 

 I am not sure. However, this I might say with confidence: As possible as it is for us to live a life as we want to, it is far from clear how we ought to.  And this is why we turn to self-help books for our ideal way of living.  Philosophy might be of some help, though philosophers tend to think self help is a poison for the discipline.



私は、IT企業のために働いていたときに数年前、常に彼が読んでいたどのように多くのセルフヘルプブック自慢した人がいました。悪化していた何を、彼はしばしば、彼はそれらの本からに学んだとして生きるために他の人を説得しようとするだろう。  彼と常にあったようにある日、彼は聴衆の1がで切断して、言ったビジネスマンとして働くの理想的な方法について話していた「ところで、セルフヘルプは何ですか? 」不思議質問はそれ以上話すから彼を保持していません。