2016/09/23 Some nights

I hear that the muscles used for the pronunciation of English and Japanese are so different that when Japanese poeple want to speak English correctly, they need to train the muscles.

Watching the video of "Some Nights,"  it dawned on me that the way they utter their words helps them express thier emotions clearly. We Japanese, with tiny movements of the lips, the jaws, and the tongues, cannot possibly put forth our emotions as vividly as they do.



ビデオ鑑賞「いくつかの夜を、 「それは彼らが彼らの言葉を口方法は、それらが明確に自分の感情を表現するのに役立ちますことを私に夜が明けました。私たちは日本、唇、顎、および舌の小さな動きで、おそらくのような鮮やかに彼らがそうであるように私たちの感情を出すことはできません。