2016/09/25 An Encounter

In conducting my research, it seems necessary to study Sartre's theory of emotion. The theory is said to be elaborated in the book called "Sketch for a theory of emotions," which is the translation of the original book written in French into English.

As I am always told by my teacher to read the original texts in the original language as far as my skill affords, I wanted to read it in French. But the library of my university doesn't hold it.

So, I resigned myself to reading the English version, which the library system said it held. But as I was searching a book shelf where the system said the book was, I came across the original version, "Esquisse d'une théorie des émotions!" I was almost beside myself with the joy: How I could have missed it! It had been always there!

I will read French for the first time in some three years, but I hope I can.


私の研究を行うには、感情のサルトルの理論を研究するために必要であると考えられます。理論は英語にフランス語で書かれたオリジナルの本の翻訳である「感情論のためのスケッチ、 "と呼ばれる本の中で詳述されると言われています。