2016/09/26 The cost of learning a foreign language

My memory tells me that recently I wrote how I started to read a Sartre in French.

Yesterday it led me to buy a thick dictionary of French.

Today I read the book using the dictionary a great many times. Every time I came across a new sentence, it forced me to look up at least three or four words included in it. It was really demanding.

That incident caused me to buy a book about the grammar of French. because I thought I had to learn more about the language in order to read it quicker.

The dictionary and the grammar book ganged up to cost me about 10,000 yen. They have left me penniless. How do I survive till the last day of the month, when I will get paid?





その事件は、フランスの文法についての本を買うために私を引き起こしました。私は思ったので、私は速くそれを読むために、言語についての詳細を学ぶ必要がありました。 辞書と文法書は私には約万円の費用がかかるまで連動しました。彼らは無一文私を残しています。私は私が支払われますと、月の最後の日まで、どのように生き残るのですか?