2016/10/01 Your body does the thinking for you

I am as sleepy as a man who hasn't slept for a year. But the coffee I drank some fifteen minutes ago seems to have my heart beat faster. Feeling sleepy and at the same having your heart beating faster than usual gives you a strange and awkward sensation. Anyway, thanks to the coffee and certain other factors, I am writing this entry now.

One the other factors appears to be my body. It has been totally accustomed to composing an English entry before going to bed, so that I cannot hit the sack without posting one. This is the idea of body doing the thinking for you. I thought it is derived from Merleau-Ponty but I am not sure. I have been inclined to thinking on the basis of this idea lately. For the time being, it would be hard for me to progress my thoughts otherwise than this.