2016/10/03 Certain smell, certain tune

Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young,
How come I'm never able to identify where it's coming from

This is a part of the lyric of the song called Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots.  It is about the experience which I believe everyone had at least once in their life.  Of course I did and I was impressed by the clear way of expressing the reminiscence.

But is the smell the only sense that takes you back to your past? It certainly is not. Sometimes a certain tune will take you back to when you were young. This was what occurred to me today when I happened to listen to this song.


It always reminds me of the days when I was around twenty. I lived in Ibaraki prefecture then and took about 2.5 hours to go to school. That was terrible enough for me to stay at a friend's house when I felt reluctant to go all the way back home. In that case, the friend and I walked in a city in the middle of the night, with unusual but comforting silence and scarcely anybody around us, to his house, speaking trivial things like what if masturbation ceased  to give us the pleasure. I love that walking and this song.