2016/10/05 A good teacher

I came across a teacher who taught me "Kambun" when I was a high school student. Kambun is a subject in the class of which we learn how to read an ancient Chinese literature as people in Japan read it a long time ago.

His class was so exciting and gave us so much information that we concentrated all our attention to the content and the time at which the class was supposed to end always came as a surprise. Students remember those teachers who give them good classes. I am working as a kind of teacher now. I hope some of my students will remember me after they have graduated.


私が高校生だったとき「Kambun」を教えてくれた先生に出会いました。 Kambunは、我々は日本の人々は長い時間前にそれを読むように、古代中国文学の読み方を学ぶそのうちのクラスの主題です。