2016/10/07 An attitude necessary for a philosopher.

Today there was a course by a philospher renowned in Japan. His lecture always stops once in a while to ask the students if any of them have a question about what he has told.

There was a student who asked him, "You said that logical positivists tried to get rid of what cannot be spoken of, while Wittgenstein cherished it and you said there is a vast difference between the two. But I don't understand what exactly it is that makes them different."

Hearing this comment, the philospher smiled a brilliant smile, and said something like this: "Your attitude is an ideal one if you want to be a philospher, questioning seemingly unquestionable statement of the lecturer."

It occurred to me as he said it that it is not simply ability and knowledge that I am lacking in to be a great philospher but also these attitudes. Attitudes, I believe, can be obtained if you consciously try to assume it.




このコメントを聞いて、哲学者は華麗な笑顔を微笑んで、このような何かを言った: "あなたは講師の一見疑う余地のない文を問う、哲学者になりたい場合はあなたの態度は理想的なものです」 彼は、それは単に私が偉大な哲学者だけでなく、これらの態度であることで欠けています能力や知識ではないこと、それを言ったように、それは私に発生しました。あなたが意識的にそれを仮定しようとした場合の態度は、私は信じて、取得することができます。