2016/10/09 Some thoughts about the lyrics of Don't Go Away(Oasis)



I have thought about the lyrics of Don't Go Away by Oasis. Below is the part that I want to talk about.

So don't go away,
Say what you say
Say that you'll stay

Having checked several websites where these lyrics are translated into Japanese, I understand that the part "say what you say" is usually interpreted as meaning "if you have something to say, say it."

But I doubt it. There is a phrase "say what you will," which means "no matter what you will say." Obviously, it was originally an imperative sentence. But some imperative sentences have got to be used as concessive expressions: "be that as it may," "come what may," "be it ever so humble," and so on. And "say what you will" is one of them.

I think of "say what you say" as another example of this kind. That is, it means "no matter what you say." If it is interpreted otherwise, the relationship between "say what you say" and "say that you'll stay" becomes obscure.






しかし、私はそれを疑います。意味ないフレーズ「何を意志言う、「あり」に関係なく、あなたは何を言われては。」明らかに、それはもともと命令文でした。しかし、いくつかの不可欠の文章は譲歩の表現として使用されるようになっています」というように、 ""それは、今までとても謙虚であること」かもしれないもの来て、「それは、得るようなことです」。そして、それらの一つである「あなたがどうなるかと言います」。