2016/10/15 The extent to which my room is messy

The busier my mind is, the messier my room gets.

But while I don't realize how busy I am when I truly am, I notice my messy room no matter how I am. So, the extent to which my room is messy can be used as the barometer of how occupied I am with daily tasks.

Now, looking around my room, I am glad to inform you it is kept neat and tidy. This is because the research I have been applying myself to is almost done, and what is more, it may be such an interesting one that my supervisor said it would be worth presenting in an international academic meeting. And this is why I had enough time and energy to make myself a curry and rice today. I feel as if cooking for myself serves as a booster of vitality even if it was, I have to admit , less delicious than the ones you can get at restaurants.