2016/10/19 Who to turn to when you have decided to learn a foreign language?

I got convinced today that the one to turn to when you learn a foreign language must be the strictest teacher imaginable.

To learn a new language is to go and get lost in an intricate cave where there is hardly light and of which you have only a confusing map.

So, you can easily run away from it. This is why you can find various books about a foreign language which try to deceive you, saying something like "With this book, you can learn German in a month." But, as you know, it takes you a lot more than a month to learn it in the true sense of the verb. They are less strict books. Of course, they don't deserve turning to.

However, there are those books which give you the clearest map to get through the language cave. They are stricter books. That is, those books which tell you to tackle the questions about grammar over and over again. They don't try to relieve you of the pains you will experience when learning a language. Rather, they try to make you suffer them completely. It is literally painful. But without it, you will never come to have a command with any language.