2016/10/20 To review "how to review a book"

Last Tuesday, in a class a teacher talked about a book which he said is called How to review a book(In Japanese, Shohyo no kakikata). As a graduate student, he said, we have to be able not only to read a book but also to summarize it and give a meaning to the summary from a broader perspective. This is writing a review. And that book will help us learn to write a review.

He told us that the book was written by a scholar, named Sarton, who developed the modern way of doing the research into the history of science. So I searched for the book. But the searching engine always said, "no results found." I am sure the teacher wasn't mistaken about the name of the book, so I guess he must have mentioned the wrong author. Does anyone know a book called by that title? If you should know one, let me know. It will be more helpful than you might think.