2016/10/23 On being 理屈っぽい

To my dismay, one of my friends told me that I am coming to be 理屈っぽい these days, when I was talking about the well-known Halloween phrase "Trick or Treat!" What I wanted to say was that people disguised as zombie nurses, or bruised witches will have already scared me before they say the phrase to me, so that "Trick or Treat!" is nonsense: they have already tricked me, and that's it.

When I heard the Japanese word, I wondered what is the English word for it and how I would explain the meaning of the word if I don't come up with one. As it turned out, I didn't, and still don't, know the English word for it. So here is my explanation. You are 理屈っぽい, if you tend to organize your talk based on logic, law and reason to the extent that people around you get a bit irritated by your argument.