2016/10/24 On having your anus examined by a middle-aged man

I have been suffering from piles. Every morning when I go to the toilet, they give me such a devastating pain that it makes the morning the more dismal.

Persuaded by a friend, I went to see a doctor of proctology, the medical department which deals with anuses. He was a middle-aged man and looked really experienced with anuses. When I saw him, he asked me some questions about mine, and went on to tell me to lie down on a bed. I was led to take off my pants so that he could examine my buttock. It was a nightmare. He put a finger in the anus and then put an endoscope into it. It revealed there was a half-healed cut inside of it, so he  prescribed me some medicines and ointments. I was told it would take at least two weeks to heal the cut completely, but it might take longer. If I feel my anus strange despite the two weeks of continuous medication and application of the ointment, he added, I should come and let him see my anus again. The mere thought of another nightmare makes me shudder.