2016/10/26 The side-effect of the medicine

Two days ago I wrote an entry about how I was suffering from hemorrhoid. The doctor prescribed me medicine and ointment.

Today I want to talk about the side-effect of the medicine. To tell the truth, it was a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. And it is explained that this medicine functions as hemostatic, that which stops the bleeding, and as a painkiller. It really worked and my anus feels good. But since I began to take it, I have been suffering from another symptom: diarrhea. Internet search revealed that it can have such a side-effect for a very few people. Specifically, about 3 percent of those taking it. Story of my life. As I work as an English teacher, this symptom is critical. It can prevent me from continuing the class. I judged there was nothing for it but to stop taking it. Too much has been going on around my buttocks lately.