2016/10/28 On having one of your legs a little shorter than the other

My right leg is a little shorter than the left one I don't know since when. I realized this fact about five years ago. I looked at the mirror and found myself leaning to the right. This made me examine my posture and led to the realization of the difference in length of the legs.

Let me explain some consequences of this condition. First, my right leg gets tired easily. This explains another effect. The muscle of my right leg is bigger than that of the left. This asymmetry of muscles results in the liability to injury. My left leg is weak and it is easy to sprain the ankle.

Since I discovered this imbalance, I have been looking for a kind of stretch that can make it right. And finally I found one recently. It gives me such a pain that it feels like the end of the world. But after that I feel really relaxed. I can't explain this stretch in English , so I'll let a video do it.

太モモ- 柔軟性シリーズ[④モモの表も 裏も!ハヌマーナーサナ]