2016/10/29 I saw a spider man and an Alice-in-Wonderland with a gun

At Shibuya station, I saw a spider-man and an Alice-in-Wonderland with a gun. They were walking arm in arm. The funny thing was not the fact that the spider man was a little fatter than the one you see in the movie, or that the Alice was for some unknown reason bleeding in the head.

Rather, what made me laugh was the fact that they obviously felt people around them looking at them with curious and questioning eyes and they were on the verge of feeling awkward but they were trying hard to appear normal and pretending that they didn't care a bit about the gaze. 

They looked abnormal, yes. But in order to be truly abnormal, you have to feel normal about being abnormal. And I guess those willing to disguise themselves toward Halloween cannot possibly feel that way. LIve as if every day were Halloween and you will enjoy yourself with your fancy-dress.