2016/11/03 When a number of people read the same text in English

I am a philosophy major, so in the classes I take, the teacher selects a book and the students are required to read a particular chapter of it each week. One of the students is to summerize the chapter. According to the summary, the participants make sure what is told in the chapter and how to evaluate and interpret it. The book is in English more often than not.

There were some cases where I came to wonder if it could be said that we had read the same text. It is not that there seem to be differences among us as to the evaluation and the interpretation. Rather, sometimes we don't seem to agree even on what is told in the text. It is likely that these disagreements are derived from disparity in the English abilities of the readers. As the right way of reading is decided by majority vote and the majority is composed of those with mediocre English skills, when it comes to dealing with complicated English texts, no true understanding can be regarded by majority as such.