2016/11/04 On drinking alcohol and being deep in thought

I want never to drink alcohol again. It prevents me from leading a regular life and might even make my brain smaller.

One day a friend asked me if I drink alcohol on a regular basis. I answered, no. Suprised, he went on to say, "It will help you get deeper in thought." This remark revealed that he thought to do philosophy was to sink in thought. Nothing can be far from the case. To do philosophy is, to me, to read previous works of philosophy concerning your research theme, and to summerize and evaluate them so that through the procedure you can develop your philosophy and contribute to the subject matter. There is no time for looking at the void and waiting for an inspiration to come. This is why alcohol is no use for me. 

But in a fortnight, there comes a drinking party with other researchers interested in clinical psychology. What am I to do? Maybe I should pretend to be allergic to alcohol or honestly tell them that I refrain from drinking, though that will make me seem difficult to get along with.