2016/11/10 A book from France

I bought a used book from France. I ordered it through Amazon from a French bookstore.

The condition of the book was described as "very good," what was more, it would cost me only less than 1,000 yen. There was no choice but to buy it.

Three weeks later, the books was sent to me. Its English title is A sketch for a theory of emotions and it is by Sartre, the man who I was told considered emotions to be results of our agency and thought we were responsible for our emotions. 

Since I am interested in philosophical theories of emotions, when the book reached me, I opened the package immediately. I went on to flip through the book, only to find some lines already highlighted. The highlighter is pink. Was this a very good condition? But come to think of it, these lines are highlighted by a Frenchman or a Frenchwoman, which thought somehow allayed my frustration. Maybe I love the French merely in that they are French. C'est dommage.