2016/11/12 Why I study philosophy

Today, in the "hot entry," I found one with such an interesting title that I couldn't resist reading it, "ハーバード大学哲学科が教える、哲学を学ぶ理由."


The author tells the reader that studying philosophy will give you the ability which will never become obsolete in the age of constant and rapid change.

But for me the reason for studying philosophy is different. It is more practical: It is because the questions, or misgivings maybe I should say, that I find myself harboring turned out to be impossible for the science to tackle. In that case, the only discipline that I could turn to was philosophy. 

I admit, I have a craving for philosophy for its own sake. But it was not what led me into this discipline in the first place, but that without which I could not bring myself to study it every day.