2016/11/13 Sciolism

Sciolism is a kind of knowledge that you know only by halves.

Living in academia, I have seen many people who know everything, at least a lot more than I do. There are so many such students that I am daunted and almost discouraged out of continuing my study.

But there are two responses against this discouragement. First, there is no need to know everything. It is necessary for you to know what you have to know in terms of your subject matter. But there can be a rejoinder. I don't know  even what I have to know considering my research theme.

Then, I must resort to the second response. In fact, they are just sciolists. I don't intend to maintain this is the case. However, you can at least make yourself believe so. After all, there are some who truly boast only immature knowledge. Thinking this way encourages me again to apply myself to study.