2016/11/16 On reaching a commonplace conclusion

I am a philosophy major. There are other philosophers, or rather, students who would like to be one, in the university. Of course, we often make presentaions about our research and have it commented by others. Recently, there was a presentation by one of my seniors and it was about his dissertaton for master's degree. The thesis is to be submitted by the next January. The presenter told me that one of the audience commented with a note that his research is of no value because the conclusion is commonplace. I was and still am furious with the comment.

Therefore I am going to write a series of entries about reaching a commonplace conclusion through research and its value. I will conclude, in accord with (what I believe to be) commonsense, that a commonplace conclusion can still be valuable.

Implicit in his comment is the following syllogism.

  1. The commonplace knowledge is of no value
  2. The value of research is judged by the conclusion
  3. Therefore, research with a commoplace conclusion is of no value.

I will evaluate the veracity of the first premise in the next entry, which I will publish tomorrow.