2016/11/18 Who the hell says we can deliberately choose our lives?

Several of my acquaintances cite in their blog a commercial message of Recruit, which was broadcast some years ago. Against the common view of life as a marathon, it declares that life is not a marathon in that we can deliberately choose the course on which we run. It goes on to say that all lives are beautiful, regardless of which course you will choose.

I won't intend to dispute the conclusion that life is beautiful. But the declaration can be questioned that we can decide which way to go on our own accord.

Psychology is a science that seeks to find laws that determine our behavior. Considering today's psychological ferment, people view the discipline as reliable. Then, let's see what if psychology has developed to the extent that there remains nothing to be done in the field. In that case, human behaviors are to be predicted according to the combination of conditions at given time and the psychological laws. Then, it follows that our freewill is not involved in that combination, for freewill is incompatible with the notion of a psychological law. So, we are never free, with the result that we can never freely choose our way of living. True, in some cases, you feel yourself free. But that feeling is no proof of your freedom. Psychology has already developed to find that we are in fact controlled by unnoticed factors of our mind. Given the success of psychology, we are not free. 

So, I conclude that this commercial message is based on the wrong assumption. Indeed, in the commercial, all the people are running. That indicates the fact that we are compelled to continue running by some unbekownst force. In this sense, life is beautiful. In spite of being unconsciously influenced by something we don't know, we are trying to make out of that way of life a story which helps us to feel satisfied and go on with our life, that is, a story which makes our life beautiful.