2016/11/24 On sleeping less and working more

I am so-called a long sleeper.

Every time the alarm goes off, the comfort of the bed, the attraction of the earth and the facility of the alarm to be silenced all conspire together and prevent me from getting up.

But with the end of the year drawing near, and considering how much part of my dissertation is done, I realized I have no time to snooze and lollygag. I decided to sleep less and work more yesterday. Maybe 5 hours of sleep is enough.

So I managed to get up after only 5 hours' sleep today. But, as might be expected, I couldn't help but to take a nap. 2 hours' nap. And suddenly it was driven home to me  that I have tried many times to get up early and be a short sleeper before, only to fail as many times.

I must admit. I have to sleep more and work more. It follows from this that I can waste none of my waking hours. How could it be accomplished? First of all, it would be necessary to take note of how I waste my time.