2016/11/27 Why dance?

As I am a graduate student of philosophy, I often see a group of students, mostly composed of freshers and sophomores, dancing in front of windows of the buildings. There are sometimes so many of them that the music they play is too loud and annoying.

Every time I see their dancing, I find myself wondering why they dance. I once hear it said that dancing is a form of art but they don't seem to intend it to be one. It seems that they just want to show themselves, show off their bodily ability or how pretty they can be. But of course, they are just studens and their ability and prettiness is not much to look at.

I am not saying showing off is itself a bad thing to do in a campus. But showing off requires a context. The groups I am talking about ignore an everyday context and intervene in our ordinary way of living in a campus. This intervention makes me sick. 


But come to think of myself, I sometimes show off my philosophical knowledge without regard to any context. When I was a phychology major, it was taught that when you find someone annoying, it is often with what you don't like about yourself that you are concerned. Perhaps I am annoyed with myself.