2016/11/30 On English etymology


This entry is viewed the most times of all. This is about an etymology of the English word "prestige."

Since this entry, I haven't posted an entry about English etymology.

There are a great number of books about it nowadays. They are intended to help readers learn English words easily. As perverse as I am, in those cases where more and more people have come to adore a particular thing, I cannot help casting doubt upon it. In this case, the question I ended up harboring was whether an English etymology is such an easy subject that one can learn and teach it only by consulting a dictionary or a book about it.

The fortunate thing was that the dictionary I have at hand contains a primer of it. The study of it taught me exactly how difficult it is even to read it. I couldn't go through an introductory part of it! Such being the case, I decided not to write an entry about it, for fear that I should give the wrong information about it.