2016/12/08 Fat burning

Go naked. Stand upright. Look down below your chin. What do you see?

I see my round belly and man-boobs. It has been my intention to get rid of them by taking exercise. But as I am a philosophy major and spend most of my time sitting and reading or writing, they have been my closest friends.

How do I say good-bye to them most easily and in the shortest time?

The other day, in order to get immersed in English, I was searching for interesting Youtubers who are native speakers of it, when I came across this channel: 


And he has posted a video about fat burning tip. 


According to this, if you wake up early and take cardio exercise empty-bellied, and during that exercise keep your heart rate at the ideal level, you can get rid of your fat fast and with ease.

Ok, then, let's do this. But as I can't spare much time for workout, I decided to do what is called "Tabata Workout." Linked is a video of an example of it. 


I know this kind of workout is not for burning fat. But I thought it can be of great help.

I began this challenge only yesterday. Today is the second day of my challenge. As a result, my muscles in the hip and leg seem to have gotten ripped, torn apart. Tomorrow I have to change the type of the workout, so that I can train my upper body. I hope this challenge will turn out good.