2016/12/10 Why am I studying so hard like this?

The title is what one of my students said when he was talking about the term test in his high school. When I heard him say this, I was on the verge of saying, "That feeling is a reliable mark of your studying in the true sense of the word." But I didn't. If I had said that he might have stopped studying that hard.

I sometimes have that question. I study two languages, French and German. This takes me a lot of time, with the result that there is not much time left for studying philosophy and doing my research. Then, why is it exactly that I study these two languages? The answer with which I make myself content varies from day to day. 

Today, I want to answer in terms of the gratitude I feel for the university of which I am a student. I am really grateful to this university, so much so that I can even say I love it. Without it, I couldn't be enjoying my life as heartily as now. When I have graduated from this university, everyone I will meet will regard me as a researcher with the degree issued from that university. As I am a philosophy major, and will be a philosopher, it is not too much to say that everyone expects me to be able at least to read French and German. If I failed their expectation, it would not only degrade me but also disgrace the university. I won't, no, can't let that happen.