2016/12/12 How much is much enough?

Suffering is blessing. This phrase occurred to me this morning. I googled it and made sure that this is in common use. I learned that when it is used, it has more or less religious connotations.

But when I thought of it this morning, it didn’t have any religious implications. Rather, I came up with this phrase when the studies to which I apply myself felt really demanding and overwhelming. If the aim of studying is to be able to do what you cannot now or to understand what you currently don’t, it is natural that the process should be a suffering. Without that hardship, true greatness can never be attained. It goes without saying. At least my past experiences tell me so.

But the suffering that haunted me this morning was such that I thought it would prevent me from achieving what I want. It was suffocating and came near making me sick. My experiences tell me that suffering is indispensable when you want to elevate yourself. But they never show me how much suffering is enough. Maybe this question is off the point for pious people. They will say suffering is blessing no matter how much.