2016/12/14 Are we moving backward in terms of time?

Are we moving backwards in terms of time? That is, when we are talking about time, are proceeding forward with our eyes facing backward and our back forward?

In English and also in Japanese we use the word that denotes the direction in which our face is directed to refer to the past. In English, the word is "before." In Japanese, "前."


Some poeple take this as evidence of the assertion that in terms of time, we are moving in the direction of the future with our face is directed to the past. But this is far from the way we experience the time. I even doubt if we are really "moving" when we are talking about time. Rather, I feel that I stand still when we talk about time. It is time that is moving, or better, it is the world that is moving.

When we are moving forward, it is by watching the world passing by you that we know we are moving forward. It can be said that when we are moving forward, the world is moving backward. Now, our front is the back of the world, and our back is the front of the world. So, I suspect that when we use "before" or "前" when we are talking about the time, we set ourselves in the perspective of the world, which is moving in the contrary direction of us.