2016/12/18 Impulsivity and restlessness

I once used my real name as the names of my accounts of, for example, blogging services or SNS. But, I thought better of it, and decided never to do so. It was because of my nature.

When I was a psychology major, other students sometimes took the trouble to “diagnose” me. They tried to put a clinical psychological label on me. They meant no offense, and I never felt annoyed with it. One of the labels did feel fit in with me: ADHD. I am highly impulsive and restless. It seems that this impulsivity and restlessness are my nature. They often make me post on the Internet something better left unposted. For example, take a look at this tweet:

Impulsiveness plays an immesurably great role in this tweet. 

Therefore, if I used my real name on the Internet, I would keep on posting this kind of impulsive tweet or entry, so that I would end up putting a lot of shame not only on myself but also on the university. I can never let this happen. So, I decided to use a handle.