2016/12/19 Have venom in yourself



自分の中に毒を持て―あなたは“常識人間"を捨てられるか (青春文庫)


 When Okamoto Taro famously says, "Have venom in yourself(自分の中に毒を持て)," it seems that this aphorism is often misunderstood, at least to me. He intends venom not fot society but for you. This poison torments you, not people around you.

True, from time to time, he tells you never to speak or act in favor of other people. But when he says so, it is because he wants you to break your ordinary and mediocre way of living: to live in accordance with people's expectations so as to find yourself shelter. It is this going easy on yourself that he finds most disgusting. You must, he contends, live so as to give yourself torture, for only by living this way can you elevate yourself and live freely in the true sense of the word. But this freedom, of course, is not the sweet chocolate you might have imagined. It is venom from which you will inevitably suffer, for society will not easily permit you to live that way. You must live freely. But the freedom is venomous. So, have in yourself venom, and you will be free, biting the bitterness of freedom, which reminds you of the truely humaine way of living.

I have interpreted this book like this. Naturally I cannot live all the time as he tells, nor do I think I have to.