2016/12/20 Songs are free from fluctuations

Recently there were several cases where what I take for granted is disregarded by other people or what I make much of is not taken care of by them. These kinds of incident discourage me from carrying on what I have been continuing. They are daunting. They make me feel so disheartened that everything seems to bear no meaning in itself and I have to do away with it. This inner corruption of mine invites me to destroy everything I see in my room. 

Songs, at least recorded ones, are free from fluctuations. They don't change no matter when it is played, no matter where it is played, and no matter how you feel at the moment. It is nice to have some songs to listen to when you are in such a depressive state.  They can put you back on the right track and help you recover your original way of being in the world. This song is one of mine.