2016/12/21 On cooking for yourself

I look a gerat deal older than I am. When I was twenty, I already had begun to work part time as an English teacher in a cram school. Even at that age, students took the liberty of asking me how old I was, and before hearing my answer, they went on to say that I was already forty-eight. I looked twice as old as I was.Thank you very much.

But I hear that you can change how old you look by changing how you live, espicially if you stick to a diet and take regular exercise. Outfits or gears needed to start regular exercise is not at hand now. When I was preparing to move to Tokyo, in my mind there was no notion of me taking regular exercise. But as I anticipated that I would have to live on a small income, I saw to it that I could cook and got kitchen utensils handy. So I decided to keep away from convenience stores and cook for myself as often as possible.

Last night was the first time I cooked supper after the part time job was over. It was around ten p.m. but I did it. The curious thing was that when I was eating the meal I prepared, I felt somewhat more respectable than I used to when I bought in a convenice store and ate in my room. Cooking for myself seems to have other good influences on me than making you look as old (or young!) as you are.