2016/12/22 Is a pair of glasses a medical device?

One might as well say in Japan, glasses are treated not as medical devices but as fashion items. But in Germany, human eyes are considered to be one of the organs and accordingly glasses are regarded as medical devices. In fact, you have to be trained for about 10 years and get a national qualification before you can produce and sell a pair of glasses. Considering the increasing popularity of "reasonble" glasses in Japan, such a difference is amazing.


But even in Japan, you can have your pair of glasses tailor-made by a meister who have got trained and qualified in German. The store is run by the Nakanishis. They are friendly to customers but their love for glasses are so passionate that you sometimes get scolded for treating your pair in a bad way. However, their qualification and passion never lie. The glasses they made for me perfecrly fit me, not in a fashionable sense but in the optical sense. So much so that I think I never feel like going to other stores.