2016/12/24 On learning to produce the standard American accent

As I am to make an individual presentation in English next summer, I decided to learn how to pronounce English correctly. But as you might know, there are several differences between British accent and American accent. This video is the demonstration of it.

American vs. British English - Vowel Sounds - Pronunciation differences


So, at least I have to decide whether I should learn the British one or the American one. I don't know which is preferred in the ivory tower of philosophy. So, taking it into account that I am a part-time English teacher, and that in Japan the American English is supposed to be taught, I picked the American one out. This is the book I chose to learn about it.

Mastering the American Accent

Mastering the American Accent


The book begins with vowels. Having practiced some vowels while reading the explanation and listening to the audio, I bet this is the most difficult part for me. The position of the tongue is described and explained with diagrams but I don't know whether my tongue is in the right position or not. When my intelligence fails me, all I can count on is my body. Repetitive listening and practices will pull me through.