2016/12/25 Thinking about the name of this blog

Young Lion. This is currently the name of this blog. It was named after a song by Vampire Weekend. There is no reason for taking it as the name of this. Rather, it was an accident, for the other day I decided to shuffle all the songs in my iPhone and to adopt the name of of the third one as the name of my blog. A man who named his bolg Young Lion seems to believe himself as a young man who is now premature but is promised a wonderful future. The mere thought of the possibility of giving the readers that impression makes me sick. But as it was decided by the rule I myself set, so I gave in.

But since that day I have been thinking on and off about how I will rename it. The previous one, "Philosopher's," appeared sophisicated, but I can not yet see myself as a philosopher, so it eventually felt awkward to keep a diary under the title. I want to give it a name which fits in with my present life and my view of myself, but I cannot think of one. I bet I will end up by naming it after a song or the lyrics of one. The new name will come forth on the New Year's Day.