2016/12/27 After a hard day's work

When I was reading an English textbook with a student, there appeared this sentence: There is nothing like a hot bath after a hard day's work. At first, the student was confused about how to interpret the word "like." but she came to understand it. As for me, though I understood the sentence linguistically, I didn't understand what the author meant. I doubt if a hot bath is superior to anything else after a hard day's work. 

I worked hard today. From 10 to 17, almost incessantly, I was at work, having classes or talking with a parent. It was a hard day. There is no one to thank me for my work. They only take it for granted. So, I have decided to reward myself. And in doing so, I can do an experiment to see if a hot bath is the best when it comes to taking care of yourself. So far, a hot green tea seems the best.