2016/12/28 A question which philosophers are destined to meet with


「哲学ってなんなの? ムダじゃない?」 哲学者に話を聞いてきた - イーアイデムの地元メディア「ジモコロ」

Why do philosophy? Is there any point in doing that?

This is a criticism philosophers are doomed to meet with in their intercourse with ordinary people: workers, relatives, old friends, and so on. Being a philosophy major after working for a company, I had this question posed by many. 

At first I just tried to convince them that it is worth doing philosophy. But they always ended up by shrugging their shoulders. These experieces made me think why. Why weren't they persuaded? I gave them seemlingly cogent argument, which study of philosophy has enabled me to do. Why?

Yesterday, I came up with an answer, No, I came up with the answer. The argument that I developed in order to convince them of the siginificance of philosophy is itself based on the meaningfulness of philosophy. Therefore, it begged the question. 

This realization compels me to prepare in a new way for the next time I will have the question asked. I will answer by telling the questioner how and why I decided to do philosophy for my life.

To champion the importance of philosophy in general is to found the vindication on philosophical theories about value. But those philosophical basis is called into question by the questioner. So, you can't convince them by trying to maintain that philosophy at large is valuable. This is why all you can do is to tell them about the importance of philosophy as you experince them, that is, your story of philosophy.

All these thoughts are fostered by the interview with a philosopher, which is linked at the beginning of this entry. This would be the best article in the year because it has provided me with a lot of food for thought. (I am not in the least saying that I agree with the interviewee. This I have to make clear.)