2016/12/29 ADHD propensity and the Internet

When I was a clinical psychology major, I saw many clinical psychologists use the term propensity to describe a disposition of a client. For example, it could be said that this boy had an autism propensity. It is meant that the boy is not diagnosed with autism but there are many cases where his behaviors are considered to be autistic and that when we think about his intervention, we have to take into account this propensity. And I was told by some of them that I have an ADHD propensity. I can't agree more.

When I was a boy, I was totally restless and impulsive. In the kindergarten, when all the other boys and girls were singing in the classroom, I used to be running around the garden of the facility, only to fall to the ground and hurt myself. Adhesive plasters were always applied to my knees. But I didn't care a bit about it. I kept running. This episode is characterized by restlessness and also of impulsivity. 

I feel these propensities inside me even nowadays. They often come into play while I  am browsing in the Internet. A moment ago, I looked for a video on Youtube about a critical thinking that I recently watched. The video was this:

CRITICAL THINKING - Fallacies: Equivocation [HD]

But when I opened Youtube, before I knew, I watched this video that was recommended  to me:


Obviously, her breasts got my attention. I was totally sick of myself for watching this without me conscious of myself doing so. As the Internet accounts for fairly large part of my life now, I have to consider how I should live with these liabilities.