2016/12/30 It is one thing to start something, but quite another, to put it through

 As an English teacher, I always tell my students that if you want to improve your ability in English, you have to make it a rule to study it at least for an hour every day. By this I mean to say that it is not your intelligence that counts when improving your linguistic ability, but your attitude toward it. However tired you are, however reluctant you feel to study English, you have to study it at least for an hour. That is the ideal attitude.

Several days ago, I posted an entry about studying three foreign languages. Since I tell my students to study English every day, I myself have to make it a rule to study the three day in and day out. Regarless of how exhausted I am or of how sleepy I feel, I compel myself to get seated at the desk and do my routine work. 

Yesterday, while studying German, I came across a sentence that impressed me as the most encouraging: "Anfangen kann ein jeder, durchführen können nur ganz wenige."(Every one of us can start anything, but only few of us can put it through.)

This book is written by what you can call a God of German, Tsugio Sekiguchi. There seems to be what only lingistic giants know that is agonizing but the conquest of which enables you to see and know what most of us cannot. Until the day comes when I am one of the giants, I have to carry on.