2017/01/01 On an effect of studying philosophy on everyday life / 哲学を勉強することが日常生活に与える影響について

It has been my habit to spend New Year's Eve watching the TV program called "笑ってはいけないシリーズ" for several years. This series always makes me feel that the new year is drawing near. Yesterday, as usual, the program made me feel like I was about to welcome the new year with laughter, but there was noticed a certain siginificant change in the way I felt about it. I no longer think it funny to see people get hurt. Many comedians were beaten, slapped or kicked as if these violences were funny things to laugh at. I used to find them really funny and guffawed at it. But not now.

I guess it is the study of ethics that has changed how I feel about these arranged violences. It seems that the study has somehow disposed me to keep a distance from socially accepted values and also, if possible, to evaluate them in light of ethics. I may have been keeping away from the values according to which the violences are laughable and trying to look at them from a different perspective than the one I used to take.