2016/01/02 On "You make everything philosophy" / 「お前はなんでも哲学にする」について

It being the holiday season, I met some acquaintances or relatives after a year's interval.   Since being a philosopher is taking part in a conversation in a different manner from others who are happily free from philosophy, I refrain from listening to them as a philosopher does in a discussion. But it seems that when I am drunk, the philosopher in me struggles his way into the daily conversation, and causes a turbulence. If the saying "in vino veritas" is right, much to my joy, this means that my nature is a philosopher. It is indeed encouraging and delightful for me, but for others, frustrating and discouraging. For to join a conversation in a philosophical way is to interrupt and disrupt the cogent and enjoyable stream of talking and to make the participants think what they don't have to. Some complained, "You are always making everthing philosophy." This surely illustrates the annoyance that people feel when they are confronted with the mess a would-be philosopher like me has made.