2017/01/03 Brave new worlds

紅白で感じた「女らしさ」の呪い(駒崎弘樹) - 個人 - Yahoo!ニュース


The writer of this article is somewhat familiar to me, for one of my friends kind of adores him and often admires him on Twitter. But all I knew about him was that he is a founder of an NPO, and tries to instantiate a new way of working that liberates overworked Japanese workers.

So I thought of this article as a favorable means to know more about him and I read it, only to be confused and disenchanted with him. 

In this article, he makes a case that there were observed a number of instances where TV personalities were imposing womanliness on a biologically female athlete and that this obsolete conception of how one should live has to be done away with in order for a new society to come forth.

I have several objections to this argument. But I only focus on one of them: how could he speak as if there were only one possibility of how a society would be developed and in addition, it were the ideal one that should be pursued?

True, the "traditional" view of gender roles is now thrown into doubt, and in Japan are found people with different conceptions about the roles. But it doesn't necessarily follow from it that the  Japanese society will continue to proceed as it has been so far or that this kind of Japanese future is ideal. There can be many brave new worlds, so one must not force upon others a new world that one finds oneself inclined to maintain.