2017/01/05 Neither deterministic nor chancy

偶然でも必然でもない世界を生きるということ、動き続けることの大事さ | 佐藤航陽のブログ

Is there any possibility that our world is neither deterministic nor chancy? You can say yes, proposing our world is under the sway of statistical laws. And the author seems to believe in this possibility. All we should do, says he, is heighten the probability that our goal will be attained. 

But in fact, living as I do in the same era as the author, I can't make sense of these statistical laws. They say something like "80% of patients with such and such cancer will surivive for 5 years." But how could one interpret this law? If I were one the patients, would I survive for five years? Nothing can be known from them.

So, I am on the side of those who detest statistics. Statistical laws are just the signs of our ignorance: if we know all the causes that determine how the world behaves, statistical laws are no longer necessary.