2017/01/06 The existence of those who haven't given up yet and haven't realized their dreams yet / 諦めていなくて、まだ夢を叶えていない人の存在

「諦めなければ夢は叶う」は嘘。じゃあ、一流の人はどうやって努力してるのか? - それ、僕が図解します。

In this entry the proposition is refuted that if you don't give up, you will attain what you want. The refutation is based on what the author seems to think a counterexample: the existence of those who haven't given up yet and haven't achieved their goal yet.

But I doubt whether this is truly a contradictory example. For in spite of their existence, the proposition can still hold true. If they carry on with their work, they will certainly achieve what they want some day.

In addition, I doubt if it is adequate to interpret the words "if you don't give up, you will realize your dream." to be a logical proposition. Logically speaking, never giving up is identical to achieving what you want, for to give up is to stop making efforts to achieve what you want. So, this "proposition" is a tautology and remains true however the world may be. It is no longer meaningful.

Rather, the words should be regarded as a speech act, namely an encouragement for someone daunted to start anew what they were doing. Therefore, whether the saying is true or not doesn't even matter as long as it functions as it is intended.